Fall fertilization

In one of the recent Q&A’s I noticed Ryan mention giving a final fall fertilization. What does everyone use as a fall fertilizer? Do you treat it like lawn and apply a no nitrogen high phosphorus fertilizer to help strengthen the roots, if so what brands are people using?. I have some young stock I would like to give a boost for over winter.

You’ll find people on both sides that will argue a balanced feed or a 0-10-10 in the fall.

Personally I prefer keeping the same balanced organic feed throughout the fall. A 5-5-5 like biogold or something like that.

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Autumn is very late this year where I am so two weeks ago I gave all my trees a dose of seaweed extract. This will strengthen them without promoting new growth in the deciduous (which have only just started to go over) and give the conifers a boost to their winter tolerance.