National Exhibition - Mirai members attending?

Hey everyone, not sure if this is the best subforum for this but I was wondering how many Mirai members are planning to attend the National Exhibition, which is fast approaching? Since I live in the Rochester region I’ll be there most of the weekend and it would be fun to meet some other Mirai members. Maybe we could plan to gather at a particular time somewhere. So if you’ll be attending, let us know what day (or days) and times you expect to be there. Looking forward to it but not looking forward to the end of summer.


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I’ll be there, very excited! Looking forward to meeting others.

I’ll be there. Going early for set-up. How are we going to meet each other? Maybe Mirai could sponsor a hospitality suite? LOL!

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At the last exhibition, members of another forum (bonsainut) put orange dot/stickers (I think they were orange) on their badges so we could do something like that. Or have a couple of designated meeting times/places during the weekend, such as at one of the tables in the center aisle.

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I will be there as well!

Several of us from Texas will be there. Lucky enough to have a three-point display plus a Suiseki. Very excited and look forward to meeting some of the Mirai Live folks. The colored dot Chris mentioned is a very good idea as there is no easy way to identify ML members. How about green stickers?

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A couple of us from Cape Cod will be there as well. I would love to be able to pick you all out.

Some of the Pennsylvania contingent will also be there!
We oughta plan for a nice dinner at a Japanese place…!
Flex / Wayne pa.

…maybe Ryan could have a login book at his booth…what do you all think?

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I will be there too! How about wearing your Mirai shirt?

Don’t have a Mirai shirt, but was thinking about ordering one. Maybe they’ll bring some to Rochester…

Hey all, I will be attending the National show. I am glad I found this thread. I have been looking for it the last couple of days as the National show is vastly approaching. I have just recently moved to Columbus, Ohio and will be driving to Rochester. I’ll be arriving Friday the 7th around 4pm and then going for the weekend all day.
I would love to meet up with some people or all of you. Looking forward to hearing from you all about how you will know who is a Miria member. Thanks.

Hey all. The Mirai team will be there, we will have a booth and will be selling shirts / swag there. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Who is going to be there? I would imagine someone needs to stay behind to water trees :slightly_smiling_face:

Ryan, Lime, Colton, Josh, and myself


I’m going to be at the Exhibition on the Saturday. Look forward to meeting you at your booth.


I’ll be there. Looking forward to seeing ya’ll

Opps! rolling in from Motown Friday and leaving Sunday.

I’ll be there! In transit as we speak. We’ll be arriving Wednesday afternoon.

Will be there Friday evening.