My repotted Serissa is looking sick, losing leaves

In Florida: Two weeks ago we repotted a healthy Serissa into nursery soil in a 12” grow pot. Also had someone more experienced root-prune about 1/3 of the roots. It’s been in partial shade since then. The only error I KNOW I made was to feed it with my usual half-strength liquid when I got it home. After about a week it started declining, many leaves shriveling and brown, then dropping. The soil was now a bit dry so I watered. There are a very few sprigs of new growth.
I understand that they’re temperamental, but should I be concerned, or is this typical and it will bounce back? If not, what’s a good plan of action?

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Serrissa hate it when you so much as look at them funny. Mine dropped leaves and then would grow them back…then drop…then back…then drop…then I was back at the nursery looking for a replacement. :cry: Keep it up. Don’t move it much as it doesn’t like change in light. Don’t over water, but don’t let it dry out either. Good luck.

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Thanks Bentley. Sounds like a “wait and see” situation. I think I’ll keep it where it is for a while longer and see what happens.