My Brushcherry is wilting

Picked this guy up on Saturday. Brought him home and repotted (as per instructions nursery owner gave me).

Didn’t cut back any of the root system. Tree is under a grow light 10 hours per day.

New growth looks like it is wilting and I’m not sure what to do. Is this a normal reaction to a repotting/new environment?

I’m not familiar with this type of tree specifically, but bringing trees indoor (even with grow lights) can cause foliage drooping and even death. After the tree adjusts to being inside it might rebound.

Beyond light differences, indoors is usually very dry in the winter and could also be causing issues. Misting and raising the local humidity might help too.

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Hi Gregory, where did the nursery owner keep it? Syzgium can’t tolerate temperature changes or draughts of any sort. Although you didn’t do any root work were they compacted? It may be that it isn’t getting sufficient water if they were.

@Bumps Been a year, how did this tree do?