Mugo pine in AZ?

howdy all,

Anyone have any luck with mugo pine in AZ?
No greenhouse yet. I can give it 4-5 hours of morning sun or 4-5 hours of afternoon (probably not the best option).

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the Forum. I don’t have any experience to offer, but I think Ryan said that locally available mugo stock is apt to do reasonably well in most climates since the species seems to be adaptable. It will also depend upon where you are in Arizona. They will probably do great in Flagstaff and other higher elevation locations, but might suffer in the valleys which are hotter.

Thanks Marty, Yeah, I’m in the Phoenix area where summer temps easily get above 115. Looks like i may have to build a greenhouse if I want to do anything cool.


Actually can do lots of cool trees that can handle that climate. Check out the Phoenix Bonsai Society for their suggestions. One of our members from Spokane, WA moved to Phoenix and found them to be very helpful. She had to give up a few trees to make the move, but could keep some that would grow in both climates.