How much sun and shade is good

So far I have my trees on bonsai benches toward the back of the yard. I just noticed they start getting shaded at about 3 pm on now that the maples in the yard are filling out.

For pines is this enough effective sun?

Should I consider a different spot?


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That’s going to depend on the type of pine and how many times a day you’re planning to water.

I have my scots and mugo pines in full sun from late morning until dusk. I have a negishi white pine getting full sun most of the morning and most of the afternoon. My kokonoe white pines get sun from dawn to late morning and again in the late afternoon, they were in full sun before but they have lost some foliage this spring as it was a real scorcher (40+ days of full sunshine, no rain, temperatures way above normal). I had to water my trees three times a day and mist in between.

I have everything in the same spot
I have larch
Rm juniper
Fresh yamadori limber and ponda pine
They get hammered from about sun up to about 3ish then dapple light

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