When do you place your collected trees in full sun?

This is only my second year collecting trees and I was wondering when you move the trees from morning sun to full sun?
I have two pinus sylvestris and a little leaf linden. They were collected a bit over two months ago and they are showing no signs of illness other than the obviously shorter needles of the new growth.

How soon are you placing your trees in the sun?

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I will keep a collected tree in full shade until new growth appears. Full-shade as defined by close to a north-facing wall, beneath a tree, or no sun from 2 hours after sunrise or before sunset. Once new growth appears, I’ll move it into morning and/or evening sun. Beneath a tree or in the shadow of a building from 11-3pm. After a year, the tree can be in the sun all day.

This is all New Orleans advice. Your mileage may vary.

OH WHO AM I KIDDING??? General-interest trees go where ever I can fit them. Full-sun/partial-sun doesn’t enter into it. So long as my wife isn’t complaining about how much yard space I’m consuming, I’m good. It is only the special trees I collect that get moved around based on their sunshine needs.


Depends on the species, the individual tree, and season.

Thanks for the info!
Got a bit of a problem with space here as well :blush:.
I’m living in Sweden so the sun aren’t that strong, I’ve had them in sun from sunrise to about 11 and then shade for the rest of the day since collection. I’m not really worried with the pines since they love the sun, the linden on the other hand. Maybe I’ll put it back in morning sun for the rest of this year.

Last year I collected a pinus cembra, I had not found mirai at that point and was watching alot of Nigel Saunders videos so I bare rooted it!!! Beacuse Nigel said so :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and then it went in full sun all year. That tree is still alive but I am not collecting conifers that way now thanks to Ryan.

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