Is It Worth Collecting a Landscape Mugo Pine This Weekend?

Hey guys,
I have a friend who is about to dig up and throw away a huge mugo pine from his front landscaping this weekend. I haven’t seen it in almost a month so I can’t give any details on the status of the candles elongating and such, but it did appear extremely healthy when I last saw it. I tried unsuccessfully to get him to wait until next spring so it’s now or never. Not only that, but this is the first year I’ve re-potted anything (all successfully so far) and I don’t think I’d be able to get all the materials necessary for the best possible recovery. Also, I live in Michigan where it’s not quite summer yet; temperatures are ranging from 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit with the occasional spike to 80. With all that in mind, as limited information as we have, is it worth it to try and collect this mugo on Saturday? (My default is to say “Well, I might as well. It’s going to die anyways”)


Sounds like you have nothing to lose. Get the biggest root ball that you can and protect after collecting. If you haven’t watched the stream with Randy Knight, get on with it. Sounds like a good candidate for planning in saw dust?


Sounds like it’s going to die if you don’t try, so give it a chance! It will be a learning experience for sure. Wish you luck!


Awesome, thanks guys!

did the tree make it? Interested to see what happened.

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