Mixed media larch: A tree dedicated to Nick Lenz

I have been gearing up all winter to create this. A mixed media larch bonsai with floating deadwood on a concrete pot with embedded deadwood. I don’t know how to name it yet. There is too much detail to fully appreciate in a picture but once the foliage is grown and more so when the tree develops it will look nicer. This tree was collected in a bog 2 years ago (as per Nick Lenz instructions in Bonsai from the wild). The inspiration to explore what I call mixed media bonsai came from the work Nick Lenz as well. As he has passed away only a few days ago, this tree is dedicated to him.


A very fitting tribute @rafi.


The inspiration is all these trees with lots of deadwood that nature makes. Instead of creating a tanuki I make it clear that the deadwood doesn’t belong to the tree. The effect I am after is like in films where after an explosion the debris expand in slow motion. When deadwood breaks people glue it back so it doesn’t show the accident. I want to highlight it. Eventually I think the deadwood and the foliage will intermingle through the cracks but I need elongation that I don’t yet have yet.