Real fake and fake real in a bonsai display

Hey guys. Yesterday I published a new video. As usual I create a cover image for the video. I want to discuss the one below that I made for yesterday’s video. My original intent was to show the final tree and the tree that serves as inspiration. However, after I published the video I kept staring at the image, it kept drawing my attention. Then I figured why. This is what I want to share with you. With the light shining on the tree from the left, it is as if the real tree is like a shadow of the bonsai tree, it also looks like as if the tree is in a dark room and the landscape with the real tree is outside - but the light is coming from inside. We have all these contrasts of a fake real tree (because it is a photo) being the shadow of a real fake tree (the bonsai) and the light coming from inside an (assumed) dark room. I feel that there’s some deeper beauty in the composition of this image that came about totally at random but that could be explored in a more intentional and professional manner. It reminds me of course of the Pacific bonsai museum that had the natives exhibition with canvases complementing each tree.


Beautiful concept and beautiful larch, Raji

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…sorry, I meant Rafi (damned auto correct).

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Thank you very much Chuck!

Its a nice look at a ‘negative’ image of the same style tree.

I might have a tip, or atleast it changed the way I make photos of my bonsai. The problem we face with making a photo is that either the top of bottom branches dont look like they do in real life. You can play with the zoom function to counter that, the further you zoom in, the flatter the image becomes and the flatter the branches become.

Just my 2 cents on the photo, because I see the bottom branches going up and the apex looks proportional.

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Thank you for the tip @niek13!