Bonsai photography recommendations

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I might find decent online content discussing best practices for photographing bonsai trees? I’m a neophyte when it comes to this, perhaps I ought to start with a basic photography class online, but I’m curious if there’s anything specific I should keep in mind regarding tree photography. I’m incapable of capturing any bit of tree depth that’s required. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

This isn’t a full tutorial or anything but Jonas over at Bonsai Tonight just had a good blog post about getting the elevation right in your bonsai photographs.

IMO the closest thing to photographing a bonsai tree would be portrait photography, I would learn the basics in that. The lighting, framing, isolation of the subject would all be universal in both.
my two cents and good luck!

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I haven’t read this post in ages, but I remember when OMC used to be a frequent poster online. When I saw your post I immediately thought about the link I’m about to share. (Actually, it was posted on a different forum, but its no longer active.)

Thank you all for your excellent recommendations!!