Mirai streaming data usage

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Can someone tell me how much data is used per archived video (1020 or 720p)?

I have a very high (and unusual) usage rate ever since I joined Mirai.
I ended up watching the archived material at 720 or even 540p (and the usage rate hasn’t dropped);
I did some research about general usage rates and ended up with the following (general streaming):
watching Standard Definition: approx. 1GB/hour
watching High Definition: approx. 3GB/hour.

I am trying to find the “culprit” to my high usage rates (up to and more than 10GB/day).
This would mean that I have to watch approx. 10 hours of video content (SD) each day!
Which is of course impossible to do.

Each month I have 150GB of data to use. Twice now I have hit the limit
(which has never happened before).

Thank you for any help and insights.



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Are you watching over a secure network? If your network is not secure anyone within range could hijack your internet without paying for access. Not sure about the numbers for streaming from Mirai, but make sure you have security to make the internet only for those you allow.



I am a fanatic follower, I only used 19 GB all month (Feb.) Watch something several times a week. Live every week.
I seldom use my mobile android phone to watch, but can. Limited to 6 gb. I am using my tablet, hooked up to a secure WIFI via cable. Data usage doesn’t apply? Just the download speed.They just choke it down. 63 mbps currently (advertised to be 150 mbps download ? SOON TO BE 350…?)
Live Marai and stored videos stream real well.
Can cast to my tv, or watch directly by Xfinity hooked to internet…
Bonsai on…

Gonna second @Bonsai_bob. Sounds like someone is downloading a bunch of stuff on your connection. Likely some high end videos (4K on Netflix or Hulu). If it’s not someone at home, you might have someone “borrowing” your internet. Really common especially in apartment buildings, or in neighborhoods where houses are close together. Password protect your network, if it isn’t.

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Thank you for all the replies.

The WiFi Modem is password protected, so unless some sophisticated software is used
to crack the password, I highly doubt this is the case.

I am not at all a technology genius, so I can’t see the difference between streaming a HD Netflix movie or streaming a HD Mirai “movie” (again, from the archives. Since I live in Europe, I am asleep during the real live streams). I believe 1080 is HD?

You need to buffer the movie (and so temporarily download it?). So WiFi data is used?

@KurtP : Do you watch at 1080 quality or less? I am not talking about Mobile Data, but Wifi Gigabytes.

Again thanks for all the replies!

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Your doing same as me. WiFi. Auto quality on my tablet, laptop, always highest number. Same on my TV.
Does your cable supplier limit your data usage?!, or just your speed. My mobile phone company limits my data to 6gb. I never seem to go over, however I refrain streaming when NOT on WIFI (Connected to a cable modem.). I just assumed I could stream 24/7…
I’m not cognisent of erupean standards and practices.
Check your device settings and make shure it is connecting to the WiFi. It might not be, and using mobile data. My wifes tablet sometimes does not link up and transfer from mobile to wifi…
OH the joys and travails of modern hunter gatherers …

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