Mirai app and video/s for download

Hello Mirai Team,

Have you thought about are are you working on creating a Mirai Live app?

Another question, have you also thought about making videos available for download for a price, for non-Mirai subscribers who just want specific video/s for their resource?

Thank you,

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Hey Tim! Sorry I didn’t see this until now - always a good idea to tag one of us by typing @ + our name (@Sam for example) so that we get notified about a post.

We’ve definitely thought about creating a Mirai Live app and would love to do that! It’s definitely what we’re aiming for in the future. App development just takes a long time and is really expensive–though we may seem like a big company, we are actually very very small :slight_smile:

At this time, until we have an app we do not plan to make the Mirai Live library available for downloading/offline viewing. Without our own app or more server space to host the videos on our own server, it’s just not possible to make them available like that; the way we currently operate, it would be too difficult to keep the videos from being shared publicly. As for specific videos, that’s something to look in to, but it also would require a separate infrastructure and billing system that we just don’t have the resources to set up right now.

Thank you for your feedback! I promise we read it all–even if it takes 3 months :slight_smile:


No biggie. Just a thought. I know of some who just want specific streams.
Patiently waiting…


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