Mirai Live tech issues - Read This!

40 on for the Q&A today. A bit jerky but very watchable.

Dammit, forgot the q&a today.

My computer is certainly not top of the line, it’s a dell laptop running win10 with 8 gb of RAM. I’ve noticed that I rarely have any hiccups or choppiness when watching archived streams. The livestreams are usually very clean as well, but last night was choppy and a few others have been as well. So I don’t know…

I am with Chris on this and have about the same equipment. Have had little to no problem. I do have high speed cable though. Love the steams, keep it coming!

I disagree with @Chris and @renaissance_man. I have a top of the line MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM and cable high-speed internet at 30mbps and the problems are constant on tuesdays, yesterday’s Q&A was ok but there were two different variables on my side, I was in my university network with 100 mbps and there were much less people connected to the stream for the Q&A than there normally are for the Tuesday stream. The fact that it doesn’t happen when watching the archived versions clearly shows that the issue is not on the viewers side nor from wherever the archived videos are stored (vimeo or mirai servers?) but the issue is with the live streaming itself.

I have a fairly new Dell XPS with 16 gb of RAM and a good graphics card. My internet connection is 150 mbps. I still have been having the problems on Tuesday nights lately as others have, so I don’t think the problem is on our end. I do notice that the Q&As seem to have fewer streaming problems, although not always. I wonder if the evening time period has a lot more network traffic in general and that might be contributing to the streaming problems. It is odd however that things were working pretty well until the last month or two. That still seems to indicate that the problems are on the Mirai side.

I won’t pretend to understand the intricacies of the live streaming process. However, there have been many streams where @Rafi has been complaining about buffering, pauses, etc while the stream was behaving perfectly for me. So what could explain this…if it was the source (at Mirai) it should be affecting everyone similarly, right? I’m in the US (Rochester NY area), I think Rafi is in Montreal (correct me if I’m wrong).

This suggests to me that there is something going on either locally (service provider/network Rafi is using) or along the way between Mirai and his location. I don’t know how one diagnoses that or if it is something that Mirai can control.

Certainly they should be exploring whether their system can handle the volume that is being reached on some of these streams. The last one certainly was one of the worst I’ve seen and the number of users was higher than I can remember.

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Here’s a basic drawing of how Streaming services are typically configured (Doesn’t include end-user connection/ISP)


Now, as stated there are many points of failure in this scenario. Based on the anecdotal evidence I’m seeing in the chat, my guess is the issues are probably with the CDN. If this were happening at my day job, I would be on a call making the vendor uncomfortable :smile:

There is one more node in the picture above which complicates the Mirai setup but is definitely not the issue. Mirai uses multiple cameras to film, if it was a single camera it would be a single feed going down the wires to the hosting provider but having multiple feeds (at least two), they have to aggregate the content into a single feed in software before it is is sent out. A videographer and fellow bonsai enthusiast friend of mine told me this was one of the most impressive feats of their setup. I agree with the @chuckwheat on his assessment, Vimeo needs to sort its issues out…

I would assume they’re mixing multiple cameras into a Mux before sending it to the hosting provider.

Not streaming related to my understanding of things, but one thing I have noticed is the the live streams and forums pages show me a not secured message at the top in the address bar on Chrome. The certificates themselves appear to be valid but Chrome is not recognising them on my end. I have cleared all site data trying to rectify this but its not happening.

I was having issues as well, on a MacBook Pro, fiber line with ATT. My initial data was 50MBS
I increased it to 100MBPS , after hours on phone with ATT tech , they explained the WiFi divides the bandwidth with the number of devices, even if they were off, so I ran a Ethernet wire. It improved but not fully so I increased data to 300MBS. It now has been working flawlessly. BTW , I recently got a smart TV , ran Ethernet to it , the circuit board in it can only handle 100 MBS , it works flawlessly also. Now I do Mirai on a 65” :grin: , but do chat questions on my phone, voice typing is hilarious on the TV, Bixby is not as smart as Siri.