Melaleuca / Leptospermum Yamadori/Trunk Chop

Hello from down under!

Question for anyone whos had experience working with australian natives (Pls help if you’re out there, Hugh!)

  1. Whats the best way to approach yamadori + post-care for Australian natives, in particular Melaleuca/Leptospermum, to have the best chance of the trees thriving after collection?

  2. Will Melaleucas/Leptospermums survive a heavy trunk chop if there are no visible leaves or buds under the level where its been cut? Or if it’s a really tall specimen, will it likely backbud if the main leader is cut back to the lowest branch?

Thanks in advance!

Adelaide, South Australia

Hello! Welcome!

While I’m not a Aussie, I do live in Southern California and we have a favorable climate for lots of Aussie native trees.

I’m working with a melaleuca nesophilia and leptospermum scoparium (apple blossom) at the moment. Plus several eucalyptus varieties.

The Melaleuca is back budding after being trimmed a couple months ago and the Leptospermum is not pushing new growth right now so I don’t know about back budding and a trunk chop.

They are used as shrubs around here and get whacked back frequently, plus knowing you guys have brush fires there, would make me think that they will bud from old wood.

When I get home in a couple days, I’ll share the after picture of the Melaleuca’s most recent state.

Here is is a couple months ago


Here is the melaleuca this morning.

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