Meet the President

Hey Mirai family,

Today at 5:30 EST I will be premiering a video in my YouTube channel styling my most impressive maple - aptly named ‘The President’. If you want to chat live with me then and help me with tips for future improvements of the tree as well as choosing a front, the youtube premiere has a live chat associated. Here is the link to the video that will premiere today. Hope to see you there. It is only 30 minutes before the live Q&A so after the premiere we can all chat again during the live Q&A.

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Sorry I missed this. Hope the stream went well. I’ll be sure to check out the video.

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Thank you Tac. Yes it went well.

Great video! Thanks for sharing.

I don’t like working with power tools in my living room, either. My wife would KILL me.

The tree is looking great and will have a great future. Keep us updated.

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Thanks Bill, it was a mess to clean afterwards!