Design critique for trees in development

As pro-member, we have access to the Design critique of trees in refinement.
What about a “Building the Design” live stream where Ryan could guide us in “projecting” the design of a tree in the future, from the material in development.?


@Diabolo as a pro member you can put 4 pics of any of your trees in the forum Q&A with you plans or questions. Ryan will give you advice on any designs ideas and changes. Watch a few of the past videos and you will see this.


your advice is very much appreciated @KevinNGa.Merci! :wink:

I’m going pro next month for this very reason. I have one tree that I just don’t know what to do with. Hoping for some guidance even if it’s just “make it a landscape tree and move on.”

Thank you for this idea Sonia! In addition to getting design development feedback from Forum Q+A, I think this would be a valuable piece of content. I’ll get this on our list for upcoming critiques!

We probably won’t do developmental critiques of Mirai Live member trees just because Forum Q+A is kind of already filling that niche, but I think it would be valuable for the more straight-up critique format. Thanks again!

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