Maple on Rock library recording cut short?

Hi Mirai Team,

I did not watch the entirety of the recent Maple on Rock live stream but the library thumbnail says 122m and the video is just a little over an hour. I was hoping to get to see Ryan do the big tree to his right as well as the small one. Is there more content we’re missing?

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I was wondering the same thing. I really wanted to see the planting with the vertical rock.

Tagging @Ira - maybe he knows?

Good afternoon,

The thumbnail had a typo for length of the edited stream as posted in the library (has been corrected now to 62 minutes). The roots were accidentally cut when trying to plant the larger piece on the rock, so that work wasn’t completed on the live stream. The edited piece in the library shows all of the completed work from the stream timeline.

Hope that answers your questions.

Yes it does! Thank you!

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