Little wonders in little world

Spring for me is like wonderland for Alice. I would love to keep my eyes on little trees hours, days even weeks to observe and admire all that life happening! If I just don’t have to eat, sleep and work :roll_eyes:
Here is what I found during today’s ‘wandering’

…sleeping on the back of tiny leaf of Chinese Elm :beetle: Oh and one scale - the monster that is obviously dead by now…
And what about you? :blush:


Yay! Spring… It’s way late here in Pacific N W.
Only this week has things started to leaf out.
I have killed a dozen winter over yellow jackets. Released one w/o ladybug caught inside, and noticed three praying mantis egg cases. They appear to return to where they were hatched? Good (alive) and bad (now deceased…) spiders…
Only had three slight mice chews this winter. Everything survived.
Carefully starting repots, need to sift and mix soils, seeds to plant, found some small trees to collect, grafting the red pine maple and mughu… gaaawwwhhh.
Good thing I like bonsai…

Two old Oakes WAITING for leaves.
Haute Bonsai!


I’ve been finding lots of spiders on my plants, which I take as a good sign.

Wish I had gotten a pic, but I had a tree frog in a Trident last week