Lime sulfur products

Hi Mirai folks. I have been looking for lime sulfur to apply to deadwood on a few applicable trees in my garden. I have been to nurseries and have been met with perplexed faces. The only product I have found was at our local Ace hardware, and it is for bathing dogs. Is dog bathing sulfur what we use? Suggestions?

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Yes Lime Sulfur is either illegal or banned in many states for horticultural uses. I know i’ve still been able to purchase it at certain Bonsai shows/conventions in CA. However, you can also buy it for bathing dogs and essentially it’s the same thing. One important thing to note is the strength or percentage/concentration of lime sulfur in the dog bath. Generally when sold for dog bath, it’s sold in a higher concentration compared to when sold for Bonsai. You may likely need to add a specific amount of water when using the lime sulfur on jin/share or as a dormant spray.


You can putchase from Andy at Superfly Bonsai.


Thank you for the information guys. Super helpful.