Let's do a Plant Swap!

I wasn’t sure where to post this but I landed in resources. We were talking on the chat about how it could be fun to do some plant swapping. I was just curious if anyone was interested. I guess I want to see who is and what plants you are interested in. Then I was going to give a rough list of what kind of plants I have. I think snags and rocks could be cool too.


Welcome Eli!
It may be useful for you to identify where you are located. Plant swaps generally tend to be local.

Standing ready to swap seedlings in North London (U.K.)

Thanks Cab, I am in Port Angeles, but I was willing to ship to if people are interested.

I’m the one with Drosera binata, but since I’m in Australia there’s no way any plant swaps can happen between here and any other country, sadly.

Keen to get this plant swap rolling, are we likely to be the only ones interested or do we need to promote this thread somehow?