Chrysanthemum bonsai

Hi everybody, I’m trying to locate chrysanthemum verities suitable for bonsai but here in the uk they seem impossible to find . I have a copy of The Art of the Chrysanthemum but no plants ! Can anyone help please ?

Unfortunately there are no breeders of the ones used for bonsai in the UK. I’ve tried for years to find them without success. Having done a search I’ve just found chrysanthemums direct are selling some for bonsai. Now my interest is piqued and I will definitely be sampling some. Here’s the link
Chrysanthemums Direct - Cascades and Bonsai

Hi Keith , thank you for your reply , I was fortunate enough to aquire a few varieties from Jack Woolman who had visited Japan many years ago and he sent me cuttings . Sadly I lost them after a few years and was never able to replace them . Jack passed a long time ago and his interest in bonsai mums wasn’t shared by his sons . I used to get emails from Chrysanthemums Direct but at that time they did not have an interest in bonsai , I will contact them staight away . Thanks very much for your time mate , Kev.

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