Field grown material UK

Hey guys,

Does anyone know of any individuals or nurseries in the UK supplying field grown material for bonsai? I was looking particularly for conifers but can’t seem to find ANY!!

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There are plenty of nurseries that grow material, many would be usable for training for bonsai. I have recently bought from Ashbridge nursery in Castle Cary and also from Cumbria trees ltd. They have trees of all sizes from seedling up.

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve not found any that grow any of the Japanese varieties of pine or juniper. I’ve found plenty of bonsai companies that supply imported trees but none that field grow them in the UK.

I doubt you will. Plenty of Scots and Mugo but not much else. Mendip Bonsai used to have a field with a lot in it but not now he gave the field up, there is a nursery near Shepton Mallett that has a lot of good pot grown trees not sure what species they have as I have not been there this year

Peter Chan at Herons have some nice field grown material, but mostly deciduous and they are not on their website, so you must travel. It’s well worth it btw. I fly down from Scotland once a year and spend the whole day there :wink: Once I pick my trees they can be shipped next day.

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I visited Peter’s a couple of months ago (only live 45min away) but only looked round the trees on the benches (there weren’t many staff there to ask). Out of interest, what sort of prices (rough ball park) does he charge for his field grown raw material? I know Heron’s styled trees are at the higher end of the nurseries near me.

I have watched some of his videos in which he shows of the field grown material and would be interest in very rough prices as well.

Speak to Ken at Windybank Bonsai. He certainly doesn’t have a field grown section but generally has some field grown stock for sale

I love Windybank! Such a little hidden gem! I was actually there 2 days ago and did ask him about some JBP field stock he had in his cold shelter but he was working on them for his own private collection

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Really depends on the size, species etc. Some consider him on the dearer end, but I never really buy refined trees anyway. If you ask the staff for root stock they can let you through to the back where the growing field is. No matter your budget you’ll find something there. My last tree from him was sub £200 chunky field maple with 15cm+ nebari and lovely taper. But I also walked past a HUGE trident maple with £2000+ price tag. And he has everything in between the two ends. I wish I lived 45mins away from Herons :smiley:

Ken at Windybank is one of the most honest traders out there. He doesn’t charge based upon what car you’ve turned up in!

He’s a great guy! And his prices are better the best i’ve seen out of any UK nursery! Just got a little JBP off him on Wednesday. That nursery is like a little oasis…when you can find it!!! :joy:

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Oh, i have a car that would then score me fantastic prices …

I have seen Bonsai4me advertise some field grown material that is coming from Poland

I’ve seen that. Wonder if it’s the same guy here:
got a very reasonably priced scots pine from him last year. Might worth a look before brexit kicks in :smiley: