Leaking Trunk Sap


I have a Western Hemlock that I bought recently that has started leaking sap from the top of the trunk. The chap I bought it from has said to put Vaseline on it to stop the sap flow. That doesn’t seem to be working, I was wondering if cut paste putty would be better?

Any suggestions would be really helpful.

I seem to recall Ryan tying dry long fiber sphagnum moss over a leaking pine cut. I did it for one of mine and it worked. I would suggest that.


Is it a trunk chop? The sphagnum works great. Like a bandaid. Never heard about using vaseline… On a strong growing tree, the sap will just push the cutpaste out of the way.
If it is on a growing TRUNK, there AREsome burrowing grubs that dig under the bark and eat the cambium… The tree responds with sap flow to try to wash the grub out…
You might look closely with a probe to check…
I had that issue on a alpine fir, a doug fir, and recently (big time) on a elm. Dug em out amd smished em…!
Bonsai On!

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No not a trunk chop.

Tree was growing healthy apparently before, was repotted this year and then started to leak from the top of the trunk.

The previous owner had it in Sun but I think it should be in shade to recover? I will get the Vaseline off later and add moss and see how it responds.

I would keep it out of high heat conditions. It is currently 95F every day here. Pot temps in the sun hitting 105F.
Maybe, Im the wrong person to say… All 5 of my Hemlocks have succomed to the heat here over the last 4 years…
Marty and I are in the Pacific NW USA. Western Hemlocks grow here real well…
All of my picea have gone away, too…


I’m in England and we are going through a heatwave at the moment, our max temps are 85 so a fair bit cooler. I have moved it to full shade under trees on the ground. Hopefully it recovers as it has the potential to be an interesting tree. Time will tell I guess.