Large Water Reservoir

Does anyone have something they use that is big enough to be a water reservoir for a tree in an anderson flat?

I have a bald cypress in an anderson flat. I water it twice a day, but it still doesnt seem its enough. I have a few smaller ones growing out from cuttings in grow bags that I keep in a plastic bus tub (from restaurant supply stores) full of water to keep them happy. They seem to love this relationship with as much water as they can get.

I haven’t been able to find a bus tub or other similar container big enough to fit an anderson flat inside. Anyone have any ideas?

Home Depo… etc, has 2 sizes of concrete mixing tubs. Huge…

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That’s interesting that it needs that much water. What kind of sun and wind exposure does it have?

nice. I will check them out

It gets maybe 30% shade under a pergola, but its a lot of sun. Our backyard is a southern exposure in the south texas sun. The other variable is this one is still in development and is currently ~7ft tall with a lot of foliage. Its very thirsty.

The other BC I have are sitting right next to it in the same sun and wind though and they are growing like weeds with their extra water reservoir.

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Dang, I thought my heat was extreme. Check out the concrete mixing bin. Very large and relatively inexpensive. I used one for my wax myrtle yamadori…that didn’t survive. :frowning_face: There are two sizes if you’d like to get the smaller one to keep all of your bins consistent.

I live in San Antonio, I keep my BC hydrated by keeping it in a 2 inch tall basin of water that is 16 inch in diameter. I Keep the basin filled by watering the BC ×4 daily. They are water consumptive trees for sure. I use a timed irrigation system for the watering.


There is also a wide spread of plastic tub sizes and types at your local restaurant supply store. Table buss tub?
Or do THAT search online. Less industrial than a concrete mix tub… If the footprint size is too tall, just cut with a sharp boxcutter; or hot tip plastic knife. They ARE pricy. Outfitted my new kitchen drawers and cabinets with “sized to fit” bins. Pretty nifty…
Also, wife wanted several plastic shoe trays for next to entrances. Shallow, but 18x36"., huge. Comes in different sizes… I use one to herd smaller seedling pots together.

Ahh nice. Restaurant bus tubs are actually what I am using now, but I hadn’t considered looking for one in a bigger size. I picked up one of the industrial mixing tubs but its a bit bigger than is needed so I am still on the lookout.