Anderson flat or equivalent

Im looking for a few 2’x2’x5" deep Anderson flats or equivalent. Any links or directions of purchase would be great thanks.

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Not sure where else to get them, but I got mine here:


It is also fairly easy to build some very similar grow boxes from common lumber and wire mesh. In addition, the grow boxes are more rigid than the Anderson flats so there is less root disturbance when moving them. I like to use 1x6 cedar and 8 wires to the inch wire mesh for the bottom (often as to be ordered). I put two or three 1x2 slats across the bottom to support the mesh as serve as feet. This is different from the grow boxes Ryan builds with nearly solid bottoms with gaps for drainage. The only tools necessary are a hand saw, hammer, and heavy shears to cut the wire mesh.


This is where I purchase mine- Stuewe

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Does anyone know if the Anderson flats are available in Europe?

Do they ship to Europe?