Larch apex assistance

Trying here to understand the proper design for a larch apex on a informal upright.
Maybe I just need to grow it out more to see what I have.
Here are some picture to reference my thoughts.

Comments and suggestions welcomed

A less busy background would make it easier to see. I use two sheets of black foam core (used for mounting pictures and architectural models) that are taped together with black duct tape. It is light and easy to set up just about anywhere and at 60 x 90 cm folded not too big. I am planning to make one in white since that is sometimes a better background.

Much better picture. I like what you have done with the tree. In my opinion, I think the true apex of the tree that sweeps from right to left is a little long and would cut it back a little so the jin shows. There also looks like there is a lower apex to the right that I would try to bring out. It looks like there is a branch running between it and the major apex that runs to the left that I would cut back and/or move to the back. There is also a branch that moves across the main line from this lower apex that I would cut back some. I hope my crude drawing is helpful.

Also been debating if this should be my new front.
Nice hole in the trunk

What I did
And what I am thinking