LAB- Photos of the finished collaboration

I was wondering if there are any photos of the completed collaboration for the LAB that took place Saturday, August 4, 2018? @ryan @Sam @Colton

There’s information up on PBMs website.

Incredibly handy to have that link around while you listen to the LAB podcast.


I was there before I created the topic. I should clarify that I would like to see photos of the final collaboration.

As I understand it, nothing has been completed yet, only the first individual contributions have been unveiled. Session 2 will be in a couple of months (April I think).

I don’t think we’ll see anything completed until Session 3, where all 3 compositions should be completed.

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Mirai community coming to my rescue! I’m sorry for my delay here–crazy week so far. Nicholas is right–as far as I know, no completely finished products will be released until the third session. However, this is a PBM project, not a Mirai project, so I’m not completely sure what their release schedule is.

Stay tuned, I’m sure we’ll both be sharing any finished products once they’re completed! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info🤘🏻

And seemingly on cue, PBM released a Session 1 Highlights video on their YouTube page



Session 2 is tomorrow 2pm PDT and the Pacific Bonsai Museum will be livestreaming the event.

Link to buy tickets:

(or you can find the link on the homepage)

Old thread, but the final session was done a little while back.

PBM has a writeup here:

And a video from InstagramTV is also available (should be able to view without an account):

The completed projects are very awesome.