La niña - third year in a row

Folks in the PNW and northern central regions should brace for a very snowy winter. Rare 'triple-dip' La Niña could mean a wild winter ahead for Western Canada | CBC News

Thanks for the heads up!

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Looking foreward to it! We can use the water…
Snow is good.-- insulater, I can safe store my trees, bundle up and get warm by the fire.
Snowthrower and 4x4 pickup. Lotsa scotch…
20 below F and 6 feet of snow! Reminds me of my younger years in Idaho!
Not a fan of Summer at 108F, I cant water enough to keep my trees alive… and cant cool down… Now the fires and smoke.
On a good note… I just acquired a knarley 5ft.Colorado blue spruce. Double trunk with a nice 5 inch base. Looks like a collected tree rather than a nursery grown!
Bonsai On!