Knipex Bolt Cutter reduced by 24%

It’s the one that Ryan uses :slight_smile:


I have the comfort grip model with lock. I love it.

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Yeah that one is probably even better :slight_smile:

Hey, I got a pair of the knipex 71 01 200 cutters and have found them very stiff (like the bolt cutter they are). Can they be loosened so they open easier? Or is that the way they are made from the factory? Any suggestions how to loosen them up??

Mine open and close very easily. Try a little light lubricating oil (WD-40?) in the hinges to see if that helps.

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Yep, Did that again and it is still stiff and now

Anyone else out there. If you have a Knipex wire cutter was it stiff or easy to open when you got it?. Or does it loosen up over time and usage?

it should not loosen up as this would be wear. “Stiff” can be subjective. They are not opening easily and do not “fall” close. It is stiffer than with other pliers but still work with one hand easily.