Best box cutter/utility knife for grafting?

Anyone know the exact box cutter that Ryan used to graft Kishu onto his RMJ or where to find it? Would really like to buy one and replacement blades. Everything i’ve found seems skinnier and less substantial. Really appriciate it!

try looking for heavy duty or industrial grade box cutters? stanley fat max? husky? milwaukee?

From the looks of it on the streams it looks almost identical to this one from OLFA, but I think he said his was a Stanley. I’ve been using this one from Stanley for almost 10 years and it’s near indestructible and blade changes are really easy.

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Here’s Stanley’s snap-off blade model.

Thanks all greatly appreciate it! I was searching for Box cutters and could not find it online. It looks like they call them snap off utility knifes and many companies make them. I just bought a 25 mm OLFA


I use the 25mm from OLFA , it is great! I prefer the high carbon Fiskars replacement blades with it.

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Appreciate it @Modan-Bonsai i’ll have to try the Fiskar RB’s. I tried scion grafting with the OLFA in late July(not recommending July as a good time generally), the grafts are looking good. I think the box cutter worked well. It’s really convenient not having to constantly sharpen. If I could just snap my fingers and have my Japanese style grafting knife sharped i’d take that, but the box cutter is not a bad option at all.

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