Tools for big bends

Hi there,

I’m looking at getting some of those tools (not sure of the name) that I’ve seen in the video’s that help with bending larger branches. The ones that Ryan closes with the threads. Not sure if I’m explaining them correctly but if someone can help with the name and some photo’s I’d really appreciate it.

Chiloskit Alloy Steel Tree Bonsai Branch Trunk Bender Tree Bending Gardening Holder Bonsai Tool, 11.48.7cm/4.43.4 inch

Bonsai Branch Bender 174 Large Size

Thanks for the links but the branch bender was much longer and had a handle for screwing slowly to bend the branch slowly

It’s called a branch jack, a quick Google search will help you out on where to get one depending on where you live

I think that fine threaded jacks like Ryan uses are difficult to fine and can be very expensive. I’ve used a common grip clamps successfully. See the link below for an example:

I have a metal magician who can build these for me. I just need some nice images so that I can give them to him for build for me.

Here are some pics of what I use, hope it helps

Wow, thanks so much. This is perfect. Basically all that he needs to build them I would imagine.