The use of Rebar

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I am trying to find out info on how to use rebar in order to bend branches, trunks etc. I have seen it on many occasions being used but i do not know the “ins and outs” of the technique.
Does anyone have any pointers, links to videos?
Maybe Ryan could shed some light to this? @ryan, @Kendall


It’s all about torque. When there is a bolt with a rusted on nut, and a hand wrench won’t budge it, you get a breaker bar (imagine a wrench that is normally 6", is now extended to be 4’ long! The torque on the rusty nut is multiplied exponentially. So you have a 6" straight section of thick trunk/branch that you can’t bend with the strength of your hands (wrench). Take a 4’ piece of rebar and attach it (very sturdy attachment) then go to the end and see how easy it is to bend. The trouble now is that you may bend the whole tree right out of the pot! This means you must also brace the trunk, or branch so tightly that it can’t possibly move, except the exact portion you want to move.


There are many ways to vary how you might use this to bend big stuff…try drawing out a plan beforehand to give yourself ideas.


above link is an example for bending

above link is an example for using as a tie down device… post Dec 3, 2011 great detail photos of attaching to jin or branch and trunk with padding. :gem:

video… Robert Stevens and the Englemann Spruce - YouTube


Thank u for the links

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I love Tyler Sherrod’s blog… I will never apprentice in Japan, but reading his blog is as close to understanding the experience as I will ever get. Hope he is doing well and gets to live his dream. :heart_eyes:

Also found this video of Kimura bending and using a guy wire with apprentices. Seem like more refined technique! I also like to paint the rebar flat black so it is more appealing visually. there is a whole page full of Kimura videos if you have the time to watch them. :gem: