Kishu Juniper. Two months in my collection

A few pictures of a Kishu Juniper that I purchased a couple of months ago. It’s in full sun here in Spain and 450 meters up in the hills. The pictures show it before and after today’s clean up. I’m really happy with the way it has been developing and the strength in growth it has. The ceramic training pot is wrapped with aluminium foil to reflect some if the heat away. I follow an organic feeding regime, pellets and Fish emulsion foliage spray in between the solid applications once a month. I’m really lucky that where we live we use agriculture water, it has no chlorine whatsoever in it. I’m sure that helps with growth and health. A couple of branches need to develop some more mass, but I don’t see too much trouble in achieving that over the next few years.


Nice design. I see some foil in one of the pictures but it looks like its only a narrow band. Do you wrap the entire pot in foil, or just some of it? I hadn’t thought of that technique but I think it would be good for some my pots. A few of them seem to dry out really quickly in the sun, while others don’t.

Post updates of the tree in the future!


Thanks Bob. Yes the entire pot is wrapped in foil and held in place with electrical tape. I just think it keeps the soil temperature a little cooler in the blazing sun that we have in Spain. In some places in Spain you can see trunks of trees like olive and Advocado painted white to reflect the sun!!! I will post more pictures as the tree develops. Many thanks for your kind words