Sabina Juniper progression

I bought this tree in October 2018. It had only just been styled from a Collected piece of material. I repotted in to a super cheep pot for training. It had been exposed to full sun and the blazing heat here In Spain. I feed regularly with Bio Gold and fish emulsion. I really couldn’t be happier with its progression . A new pot has been commissioned, however I won’t be re potting until 2022.


Nice tree!!! Have you received the new pot you commissioned?

It’s really a coincidence that you replied to this post now. I was told the pot is being fired right now and will be coming out of the kiln this weekend. Pictures to follow

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Looking forward to it!

Here is the tree after a major refinement wiring. Also the new pot waiting for the tree to be potted into it next March.


Wow! Such nice progression, you really can be proud! Very very very nice tree!

Thank you so much. A real sit down amd make a plan Bonsai. It’s paying off 18 months to 24 and I’ll be exhibiting it. That’s the plan.

You’re welcome! This tree is 100% exhibition material.