Another new arrival

Juniperus Chinensis
Some wonderful material to be had here in Spain



Very nice design for a progressing tree in collection that has many forms for future direction.

So how lucky am I. Yesterday was my birthday and I was blown away to receive this amazing Sabina Juniper, originally collected in the mountains of Catalonia Spain. Design work done under the guidance of Nacho Salar by his apprentice Manuel. I’m very luck to be able to spend a lot of time with these guys. The tree will now stay in this pot until next fall and then we will re pot it. The Mirai influence is strong as Nacho wanted to re pot in spring and I said no as I want the tree to recover and grow for a season. Having another Sabina that was reported this past spring I know that if this one is re potted it will just sit there and not put out any top growth at all all year. We are very lucky here as the season is long, we still have days where temperatures hit 18-19 o’c 64f and lots of sunshine., so junipers still grow slowly and junipers continue to grow slowly and can be mildly fertilised. Ps I must say a thank you to my Girlfrienf and partner for the wonderful surprise.


Quercus Subur, cork bark Oak. A new purchase today. Looking forward to learning lots with this tree, it’s the first time I have worked with this cultivar.


After a little wiring



Finally got to report into a Bonsai container. Would have loved to move the tree more to the left but a huge root to the left of the trunk prevented me from doing so on this ocassion. Pot is a super cheap import but I love the colours, if not the shiny glaze. It’s a nice compromise for the next few years. Looking forward to it’s recovery and development over the next few years


Work continues on this tree

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now back into leaf.
Super happy with the response to the works

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