Just sharing what I can do now from what I've learned from Mirai

I’ve learned a lot from Mirai live. I made this for my wife for Valentine’s Day.


This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Kusamono on driftwood? :slight_smile:
This means next year will be more difficult. Last year was a simple orchid arrangement.


perfect title. I bet your partner was very pleased!

She liked it very much!

That arrangement is awesome, but yeah, you really raised the bar high for next year :slight_smile:

Thank you B.Lewis! It’s good then, my wife inspires me to get better and better. I’m looking forward to next year’s Valentine’s day.

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This is outstanding!

(don’t show it to my wife)

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Thanks! I had a lot of fun working on those kusamono.
Those are actually 2 separate kusamonos.

our neighbor’s cat destroyed my kusamono. :frowning:

how do you guys keep animals from causing damage to your bonsai or kusamono, or stock material?

This is good question @ThienXiang would like to know too if there is other way than to harm neighbours cats myself :wink:
On couple of occasions some trees have been knocked down by them. Just a while ago had to do emergency repot due to broken pots into pieces. Luckily trees survived it without a scratch :slight_smile: