Juniper tips and trimming

Starting to style this young juniper. I still javelin some wiring and cleaning to do but I’m confused on what to cut. Some pads have more foliage and have those round yellow tips, while others have less foliage but still have long shoots that just make those pads look thin.

Should I trim them back a bit?
How do I help the pads develope more foliage?
The yellow round tips are not to be cut right?

Thanks guys. Just trying to learn as much as I can.

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The yellow tips are flowers. It looks ok.

If you want to you could thin out the bit I circled in red so the foliage is staggered. There are a lot of pairs of opposite growth. But to be honest with you there isn’t that much foliage on your branch. Set the structure you want and let it be and grow. If you do like you’ve done for the rest of the tree it’ll be fine.

Do you know what type of juniper it is? Since depending on if it’s a mounding or a running juniper they have different growth patterns.

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Thank you Grif. So it is more a matter of it being a young branch. Will clean them as you recommend and let it be then.

According to an app, it is a juniperus virginiana. But it could be wrong.