Juniper Communis grafting/back bud

In Norway the Juniper Communis is the only one we have as a wild juniper.
We have loads of old trees in high altitude that is perfect for collecting.
The problem is that they usually only have foliage on long thin branches fare from the very old trunk and deadwood.
My question is.
Will they bud back on older livewein or is grafting only solution?


Hi @Trons,
I know Communis can be hard to collect, and I suspect they will not back bud. Great line though!

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Yes they can be a bit tricky. I have good results with younger trees but never tried with very old ones.

I would be tempted to try grafting whips so they can support themselves until they take

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The ones here will backbud quite a bit once vigorous but almost always in crotches.

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