Help with (juniper?)

Hi, my name is David andI live in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Last year I bought what I thnk
is some kind of Juniper from a local nursery. Nurseries here have no information at all on the plants they sell. Most conifers are just called ‘Pino’ and thats it… As you can see it has developed some
new growth but very far out on the branches and the middle section is empty. It started to backbud and my question is if I should go ahead and prune back to those new buds in the branches to achieve a more compact tree… I have not styled it yet , other than the desicion to plant is in acascade style. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have more close up images ofthe foliage and back-budding but the forum wont ket me post more than one photo…maybe i can post them on the coments

Thnks :grinning:

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Hi @DaveDR
This Juniper of yours looks exactly like mine and I got it with name which is ‘nana’ or latin name ‘Juniperus Procumbens’
Google it and see if it’s the one :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh and an advice when it comes to prunning: Spring time - big no no, let it grow I would suggest. Junipers store the energy in foliage. Also you are right it is a bit empty in the middle but it’s great it has plenty of new shoots so wait and you can shorten those long drying thin ones and perhaps achieve some ramifications.
I experienced with mine having green foliage always at the end of branches only and if you search bonsai pics from this type of tree it does look often very empty.
Happy to see your progress in the future as you are the first one I came across with this tree. Would like to share ups and downs along the way :relaxed:

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Thank You!.. I am always confused about the seasonal cconsiderations since seasonal chnages here are very subtle, i notice a slowing down in some trees over ‘winter’ but most keep growing . i was concerned that if I didnt prune the ends then the new back buds would wither because the ones further out would take the energy… But i think you are right, i should just let it grow for now, especially since Im having trouble coming up with a design for this one… Ill google the species… Thanks again…Do you have pictures of yours you can share?

I see. Seems like you need an advice of someone from your area then and perhaps more of a pro than me :wink: I would probably give it a try on one branch and see if the growth of new back buds become more energized ??
I’ll try and upload a pic of my nana. So far no luck for some reason :slight_smile:


Ah! Here it is :slight_smile:


BeAutiful !!! :heart:️:heart:️… i did I pruned one branch to the backbuds, we,ll see what it does… Thanks

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Thank you :relaxed: I was lucky to receive healthy very thick bush that I couldn’t see a single branch on it but once I got there I had plenty to choose from. Yours seems to be more chalenging however I’m a bit jealous ab those beautiful back buds on it :wink:
Good luck and keep posting the progress please.

I hope you have been growing it outside.
If it is a procumbens juniper it needs a period of dormancy. How cool does it get during December- January? Dormancy is necessary and a time the buds develop… if it is in fact a procumbens juniper. Dormancy occurs at temperature below 40 degrees F or about 4 or 5 degrees C!! A cool to cold dark area can promote dormancy. It needs sunlight above those temperatures.
Also need to get rid of the weeds that are competing with the water, oxygen and nutrition the tree needs.

Has anyone had a juniper survive without a dormant period? :thinking:
I hope this is helpful! Do not be discouraged. My mother gifted me with a small juniper in a plastic pot from a garden center, and I learned a lot by caring for that little tree.