Juniper Chinensis Blaauw fall maintenance


I was able to get my hands on a beautiful chinese juniper Blaauw.
Now I went looking for a video for fall maintenance of this type of juniper, but found none. Considering a Shinpaku is also a chinensis type, is the maintenance the same?


Yup it’s the same as shimpaku. The only real difference is the variation of the cultivar. So it is different like itoigawa and kishu. It just means that the colour is different and the foliage may not be as fine as other cultivars,

Thanks. Now I now how what to do :grin:

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Kurt, the maintenance is almost the same. Blauws junipers tend to throw out juvenile foliage really quickly so if you intend to remove foliage and wire then do it in stages. I started removing small amounts of foliage at the start of September, cleaning two or three branches at a time then leaving it for a week or so. Then when I wire I don’t have to take too much off. But other than that they are really great junipers to play with. I’ve go quite a few. There was an article in the Focus as few years ago stating it’s best to use aluminium wire as the branches are more brittle than other junipers.
In fact a blauws juniper was the second tree I ever styled , way back in the nineties…


Thank you very much for this important info :ok_hand: