Appropriate fall work on junipers

Hi, all. Due to some health issues, I haven’t been able to do much with my junipers the last 18 months. Now I’m feeling better and want to devote some time with them. They are in excellent health, having had a full year+ to just grow and be happy. It is early September here in New England, zone 4a. What options do I have for working on them? I know I can wire, but they are all overgrown, which will make it much harder to wire to regain their last styling. Can I prune now and wire this winter? Or is it too late in the season to do a heavy pruning (on foliage, not branches)? I don’t want to threaten their current health by making the wrong decision. Thanks!


There is this video on Shinpaku juniper maintenance that was done in the fall. From memory it was quite good. I am due to rewatch it.

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Thanks, I’ll watch it today.

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