Is this a Norway Spruce

I have this tree in my garden. I think it is a Norway Spruce. Can someone please confirm?

I have permission to make it a bonsai… should l?

From what I understand they don’t back bud easily and there is a lot of dead growth on the lower branches.

The trunk is almost the size of a Pepsi can, just over 1m high.

Thank you.


Hi @jpguest
It could be. Certainly looks like a spruce. Is it a Christmas tree rescue? Your best bet is to cut a little bit off in November and got to your local Christmas tree supplier and see what it matches with.

Hi @AndyK
We just purchased the house and the tree is in the garden. It’s not in the best location and only get a few hours of sun a day… so i’m allowed to collect it and replace with a more suitable tree.
Thanks for the reply.

Good luck. They are fairly tough