Internode vs node definition in "Nursery Stock Series Pt. 3"


I am a heavy note taker and while watching ‘Nursery Stock Series Pt. 3’ I went to write down the definition of whorl/internode. When I went to look it up the definition of internode seemed to be a portion of a branch between two nodes rather than as described in the video as the point in which branches will originate from.

At the risk of being overly pedantic - is this the correct use of internode, or would the ‘whorl’ be better synonymous with ‘node’?

The simplest way to think on them is a node is the point of growth. The internode is the distance of the stem between two nodes in series, like primary branching to secondary branding etc. A whorl is a collection of nodes in the same plane around a stem. Like the spokes on a wheel. It’s how you see young pines growing with all the Branches coming from the same point.

Trying to find a picture to show better!


Makes total sense! Thank you for the clarification!

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