Insect problem advice

Please can I have some advice on what these are and should I be getting them of or is there a spray I should use my tree seems heathy for now what course of action should take

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They’re from code enforcement. They’ve come to inspect your wiring.

Until someone comes in with the correct answer, I’d blast them off with your hose.


I think they may be juniper scale insects. Google them and see if they look similar. I have a landscape juniper infested with themThey don’t seem to harm it but I am keeping by bonsai well away. At some point I will probably have to think about dealing with them, especially as I am going to use the big tree for airlayers.


Aphids. See the ant milking them? Blast them off with a hose like @BillsBayou says.


Juniper aphids


Thankyou very helpfull I think I can now clean them all :grin::+1: