In depth Interview with Ryan

This interview with Ryan is just packed full of amazing information. Well worth digesting every single bit in it.


I’ve been waiting to watch that video all day. Looks like a good one.

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Inspiring. Thanks for pointing it out, Raji.

They are a good series aimed at showing some thoughts and background from the people behind the trees rather than just their work. You never know who’ll turn up next.

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Ha ha. I know who did

Thanks for sharing and highlighting the channel. Clearly a good interviewer and it looks like there is already a lot of great videos on the channel. Something for me to work through over the next few weeks.

Thanks. Defining branch! Something easy to forget in the shuffle of the plague and everyday hubbub. And interesting that it can be something subdued and not always glaringly show stopping.

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thanks for the linked vid Rafi!