Identifying the little critters

Hi everyone,

Could anyone shed some light on what these little critters are and if so how do i control them?

They are only on one of my trees, an azalea, which has been in recovery in the green house, my other azaleas don’t have these on them but they have been outside for some time.
I’m in northern France, if this information helps.

Thanks in advance.



Think i have found out what these are Lecanium scale, just need to find a treatment now?
Any ideas ??


YIKES! Step one, scrape those off with the hard edge of a chopstick, or a light touch with a knife edge. don’t damage the bark, but you want to get those Scale insects off the branch. they are there sucking the sap and making babies. get them off manually to start, then you can apply a an insectacidal soap, or Neem. these guys have a hard shell, so the soaps will probably only work with the mobile juveniles.

keep an eye on them, check back and remove any you see.


Thanks jhuns. I have started to scrape them off and treated with a soap mixture. Will see what happens over the next week or so.

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