Huntington library bonsai a thon

Hi everyone. Is anyone from south california area. If you are, is anyone going to the Huntington library bonsai a thon? Their having the even today and tomorrow. 2.23.19 and 2.24.19. Their are going to be many vendors, raffles for prizes and live styling demonstrations. I never been to any bonsai event and this is my first. Im excited the day is finally here. If you live close you guys should definitely try and make it. See y’all their.

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I am going to make it there. I’m wearing a black fender shirt if you see me :smiley:

I have a black sweater and a white shirt that said “Zedd”.im hoping to find a redwood. I was told there’s a vendor their.

I’m hoping not to spend ALL of my wife’s money :wink:

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Lol i just got a California juniper. It was only 200 ill post a picture later

this is the california juniper that i got. Im super happy i found it. It’s raw material no one has worked on it before.


a different side


I was there! Nate and I said whats up. I got some of the dwarf myrtus hedge, a black pine, a beautyberry and a burt davii ficus.


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