How to know when the best time to root prune a collected American Beech

I am the proud and exited owner of a collected beech. I heard many opinions on the best time to root prune. some say just when the buds begin to swell. Some say just as the buds begin to unfurl. others say after the the new leaf begins to extend.

When was it collected?

Not completely sure. I believe it’s been at least 2 years

Not an expert on beech, but generally with deciduous trees you do not want to be root pruning while the buds have already started to extend their shoots. This is a serious no no with most species, maybe beech could be an exception to the rule? But I don’t think so. I think root pruning while buds are swelling or as they are showing the very very first signs of opening up will always be your best bet! Would love to see some pics of the tree!


I feel the same. There are a lot of opinions but lots of variables. I live around Chicago and we have a crazy spring fall winter and summer. Aftercare is another major consideration for this project right now we’re dealing with record cold temperatures a beautiful sunny afternoon followed by a couple inches of snow this evening.

Nice! Nice base and some good branching already. Do you think you will try to completely heal over the trunk chop or carve a hollow or something? I don’t know anything about how
Well beech heals over.

I feel your pain when it comes to this cold spring weather. I’m in central New York, it’s been snowing out the past few days. Yet, we had a few days in the 70’s in February. Makes no sense.