Collected beech late to leaf

I collected this beech back in winter but very little fine-root mass was left intact. To my disappointment, it didn’t burst into leaf in spring along with my other trees including other beeches.

It got to June and still nothing, however, the fact it didn’t push buds (and then couldn’t sustain with fluids from lack of sufficient roots) did make me wonder if this little beech had a bit of a plan. :thinking: Around the second or third week in June and buds quickly appeared. I was delighted. This video was taken mid-July and it’s doing well. I presume it was focussing on root growth until it was ready.

On the horticultural side of things: anyone else had this kind of experience, of a significant delay to any foliar activity, with collected trees? It’ll have a shorter season than normal, but am I right to assume it’ll be just fine in winter and get back to a normal cycle next spring?

To me, it goes to show not to give up on collected trees too soon.

The following is more for the Design sub-forum so I’ll go into more detail on that when I style this tree when it’s fully back on its feet: I will style this beech in the image of the large and ancient coppiced/pollarded (for wood, centuries ago) beeches of South England. Not a true natural growth pattern, but a familiar imprint of beech trees to me.


I collected a large Pyracantha from one of my flowerbeds mid February this year. I cut the branches back 50 % and left them so there would be some leaves to help drive root regeneration. Within about 3 weeks all the leaves had died and fallen. There was no sign of activity by April so I cut it back harder and had almost given up watering it. End of May just before I went on holiday for 2 weeks I spotted a single bud in the trunk so I moved it into my greenhouse where I had a sprinkler set up to water whilst I was away. When I got back mid June it was racing away and the last photo below is it a couple of days ago.

Definately a very significant delay in activity and another example why we should never give up to soon.


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That’s great news. Your Pyracantha was possibly doing the same thing as what I assume my beech was doing and growing back some fine roots before it pushed new leaves.

Nice clump/raft multi-trunk Pyracantha. I see you’re using cat litter as well. I tend to use it, in some ratio or other, for all my freshly collected trees.